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Comprehensive Patient Assessments
A comprehensive care management assessment provides a clear picture of a patient’s situation, needs, affordable care options, and resources to make appropriate and informed decisions for present and future. It is one of the most important steps in the process of providing quality care for your loved one.

PRI & SCREEN Assessments
The Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and SCREEN assessment are required by New York State law for all new admissions into skilled nursing facilities. The PRI is an evaluation tool used by registered nurses to determine the level of care that best matches your loved one with nursing home services, be it assisted or independent living, or skilled nursing.

Long-Term Care & Housing Planning
Where a loved one will reside is one of the most common dilemmas caregivers face. Umbrella’s care managers will help strategically plan for all facets of aging to maximize asset preservation, legal protection, and overall health (all issues of particular concern when seniors require assisted living facilities). In the event assisted care is needed, either for rehabilitation or long- term care, we can avoid the common missteps often made unintentionally by loving family members and improve the chances of admission to a preferred facility.

Medicare & Medicaid Consultation
The complicated rules of Medicare and Medicaid can be daunting. We can provide clarity regarding coverage and eligibility issues and handle providers who are often ill-informed on the subject themselves.

Locate & Coordinate Community Resources
Families often contact Umbrella when the best course of action to take for an ill or injured senior adult is unapparent. One of our primary objectives is to ensure the best possible care for every patient while involving community resources to alleviate caregivers’ stress and financial burdens. These professional resources may include government, non-profit, and private programs. We often find that our fees are offset by the community resources and entitlement benefits we discover for our patients. READ MORE.

End-of-Life Counseling & Hospice Planning
Our care managers’ role as an advocate for seniors produces a unique relationship between us and your loved one — a role that is generally well regarded by patients who seek to discuss end-of-life issues with a trusted companion outside of the family circle. Care managers are uniquely positioned to have frank conversations with dying patients and are able to facilitate the difficult decisions that patients and families must jointly make.

Home/Vehicle Safety Evaluations
Independence is often a major concern for older adults. As seniors age, family members are troubled by the safety of their loved ones at home and behind the wheel. Safety evaluations provide an objective assessment of how your loved one is managing independent living both in the home and behind the wheel.

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