March 11 2019

Umbrella Care Management is wonderful. They achieved the exact goals that I had needed them to. My uncle is in New York, and I am in Florida. He has no family up there, but he needed to be discharged to an assisted living because he couldn't go back to his apartment. The hospital was not able to get that done. I could not get it done long distance or go up there while he was in the hospital and get him into a place. And I also wanted to see if he qualified for Medicaid. Maria, who was the nurse assigned to him, visited him there. She contacted different facilities, and she got all of the paperwork done. We found a place that had a bed for him. Maria went there and visited it first. She was able to get my uncle safely discharged into this place that met his needs in New York City where he wanted to be. And I was just notified two days ago that he was approved for Medicaid, so they did a wonderful job. They contacted me constantly. My uncle was very thrilled to have Maria, to talk to her, and he enjoyed his experience with her. Actually, there were a few that I was looking at, but Umbrella Care seemed to have the most variety of different things because not only did I need my uncle to find a place to live but I also needed the Medicaid's help. They have fantastic reviews. I don’t recall seeing any negative reviews at all. When I first called and spoke to Laura, she was phenomenal and she made me feel like, 'OK this is the company I'm going with.' After we were assigned, it was just good all the way around.