Laura S.

January 20 2023

I'm so grateful to have found this service. My father-in-law was caring for my mother-in-law with Alzheimer's and the situation was becoming scary as they are both in their 80s. We live 4 hours away and I didn't know what to do or how to get them help. We weren't satisfied just waiting for disaster to strike. Talking to the local office of aging was less than helpful when it came to anything actionable. To make matters worse, all of the organizations/aide agencies seemed to have gone away with COVID in NYS. But a call to the Alzheimer's Association educated me on the role of a "Geriatric Case Manager" and I thought...this is what our family needs! I searched on Google and found Umbrella Care. This is how we met Diane, our case manager. I have to admit it's kind of scary hiring someone to do a job...where you have no idea what needs to be done She is professional, experienced and has been a source of reliable help from the very beginning, a true gem. First order of business, she helped us make some modifications to the house to assure that mom and dad were both as safe as they could be. She jumped right in with weekly visits, calls to contractors, and frequent check-ins with me. The grab bars in the bathroom, new toilet, and railing allowed mom to live at home for 7 more months. Diane also helped to address some personal care issues with mom, making sure there were new sheets, clothing, pull-ups etc., all things that dad really had no clue about and had to be educated in using...which she did patiently and persistently. She helped me hire aides to come into the home and help dad when he was having trouble moving her. She was my eyes and ears in the situation when I wasn't able to actually be there. She also helped us contact nursing homes and finally we did get a placement for mom (long overdue as mom had really lost pretty much all function by this time). She was totally hands-on, 100% reliable and I felt completely confident letting her handle such personal family matters. Diane and Umbrella Care really saved us when we were in need. I am grateful to her personally for her caring personality, professionalism, patience with me (listening to me when I needed to complain), and knowledge of how to care for and communicate with elders as well as navigate the system of nursing care etc. Considering the situation, Diane helped us get the best outcome possible (mom at home as long as possible, getting dad help with aides, and then placement in a nursing home when necessitated by mom's condition). I highly recommend Diane and Umbrella Care to anyone looking for help with caring for elders in their life. I wish she had been easier to find! Maybe this review will help!