August 17 2022

I live 4 hours from my father and when his care needs became more than I could handle from that distance, I contacted Umbrella Care. Monique became my father's advocate and care manager providing the in-person oversight that I couldn't and asking questions about his care that I didn't even know to ask. It was a relief knowing that he had Monique nearby to look out for him. She was professional, smart, kind and caring of not just him, but also of me! I'm so grateful that I no longer needed to take a day off work to escort my father to doctor's appointments or wonder what the care team was talking about on the weekly calls. Monique was able to translate the medical jargon and provided helpful reports on what she was observing as my father's situation progressed. At a really difficult time, Monique & Laura at Umbrella Care eased the worry & stress. I'm so grateful for their help and highly recommend their services!