Team Mom

September 07 2022

My family would be at a complete loss of what to do without the expert care and guidance from Umbrella Care Management. Fortunately, a longtime friend referred Maria and Umbrella to my family, and we couldn’t be more grateful. My mother’s adult children live scattered across the country, in various states and time zones. With mom developing increasing dementia with a strong desire to remain in her home, we were at a loss as to how to support her in this goal. Maria to the rescue! Maria, Laura and the Umbrella team have been instrumental in helping support our mom remain safely in her home. Maria quickly developed rapport and a trusting relationship with our mom, who accepts Maria’s suggestions (yea!). Maria has been extremely responsive, maintaining excellent communication with my family, and has a wide network of resources that have added to our mom’s in-home support. Maria has identified care givers, found home visiting medical providers, from primary care to podiatry, and has even been present in mom’s home for Telehealth medical appointments. Maria and Laura have taken the lead with the mind-numbing and frustrating task of a long term care insurance claim submission. Maria responds and follows up so quickly and thoroughly, that I was almost surprised to learn that she has other clients! Maria is an experienced nurse Care Manager and is able to navigate the extreme complexity of our healthcare system, and help our mother remain independent in her home with all the supports she needs. Maria is also extremely modest, and does not wear her superhero cape out in public, but it’s always on.