I have been using Umbrella Care Management for two to three months now. It is excellent. They keep up with the completion of important items. The staff members are excellent. Umbrella Care Management is an excellent choice.



I have been using Umbrella Care Management for a little longer than a year now. It was a recommendation and it came from my attorney. I started with Barbara who helped me at the beginning with my aunt whose dementia was just starting to progress. It was(...)


Umbrella Care Management is wonderful. They achieved the exact goals that I had needed them to. My uncle is in New York, and I am in Florida. He has no family up there, but he needed to be discharged to an assisted living because he couldn't go back to (...)


The situation I have been facing started a few years ago when my Uncle had health issues that precluded him from staying at his home, which required he be able to do stairs. My Aunt had health issues and hired home care aides for about 15 hours a week to help (...)

Andrew Kull

Nine months ago my friend faced a multi-faceted, life-threatening, mental and physical crisis. He was bouncing in and out of hospital emergency rooms, unable to get the medical help he needed or to take care of himself at home. Family circumstances meant that (...)


Umbrella Care Management was incredibly responsive and very resourceful. I called them on a Saturday and they called me right back. I feel very fortunate to have come across them. They were able to find a resource for my mother who was at a distance in a way t(...)


(Umbrella) did an amazing job. Getting Medicaid for my mother was a very confusing process for us. The answers that (Umbrella) provided really helped me and directed me to the right path. There are things that you don’t know as a person and that you need a p(...)


Umbrella Care Management has the most wonderful people you would ever want to meet. They have been so helpful to me that I would recommend them to anybody; I am so grateful to them. We were having a problem getting my husband discharged from a nursing home(...)


We’re very pleased with (Umbrella’s) service. They were recommended by our attorney, and have been a big help. My father was declined from our preferred nursing home because he has Alzheimer’s and he has some physical aggression. A care manager dug in(...)


I had reached out to Umbrella in order to guide me through a very complex process of changing my mother’s AARP Supplement Medicare Program from a Managed Medicare Program to an Open Universal Medicare Program. I had problems doing it by myself, as the paperw(...)